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Disclaimer and Refund Policy

Disclaimer and Refund Policy

  • VFS Global is a service provided by VF Services Mauritius Pte Ltd.
  • VFS Global acts as a Logistics Agent. VFS Global is responsible for accepting visa applications from applicants wishing to travel to the UK. The applications include the applicant's passport, completed visa form, supporting documentation and the Biometrics data (finger prints). VFS Global is responsible for submitting the application to the British Embassy on behalf of the applicant, collecting the passport and supporting documents back from the British Embassy and returning the passport to the applicant by hand delivery. Sometimes applicants' passports and supporting documents will be returned to them directly by British Embassy staff following an interview.
  • Decisions on visa applications are always taken by Visa Officers, who may require additional documentation to enable them to reach a decision. VFS Global is not involved in the decision-making process and has no influence at all on the outcome of an application.

    Note: There are circumstances where in, The British Embassy will hand over the passport & the supporting documents to the Applicants directly.
  • VFS Global is not liable for any delay in processing or rejection of the visa application. Whilst every precaution is taken while handling the passport of Applicants and important documents submitted in support thereof, due to unforeseen events and circumstances, the passport and documents may be lost in transit by accident, theft, natural calamities (act of god) or any other reason, VFS Global will not be liable or responsible in any manner to the Applicant for the same.
  • In case a Passport is lost or damaged in transit, the liability of VFS Global is restricted to reimbursement of fees charged by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Philippines, for replacement of lost / damaged passport through normal application procedure. VFS Global shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential loss or damage caused to the Applicant due to loss of his/her Passport and supporting documents.
  • It is expressly understood that when the applicant or representative of the applicant submits the passport, the visa form and the supporting documentation along with the applicable fees, the applicant has understood the terms, conditions and details here in.
  • Advertising material may accompany along the passport and supporting documents back to the applicant. If the applicant does not wish to receive any advertising material along with the passport and supporting documents, the applicant must intimate the VFS Global in advance. Please note that no advertising material sent back with the passport and supporting documents has the endorsement of the UK Government.
  • No employee of VFS Global may change / amend / amplify the conditions mentioned herein.
  • For all claims, disputes of whatsoever nature, the law of Philippines shall alone have jurisdiction.
  • VFS Global has placed links on this website to other websites which you may wish to visit. VFS Global does not review such websites and has no control over their content. Therefore VFS Global does not accept any liability if you visit those websites. Once you link to another site, you are also subject to the terms and conditions of that site.

Beware of fraudulent job offers

We know that criminals have posed as VFS Global representatives in order to steal personal information or money from people. If you receive a job offer by email or phone which requires payment, or promises a work visa in exchange for money, this is a scam. VFS Global is not a recruitment agency and does not offer recruitment services.

VFS Global is a visa processing company and we work only with government and diplomatic missions. 

If you receive an offer asking for money that claims to be from VFS Global, do not respond or send money.

How  criminals may contact you

You should be suspicious if:

  • the email you receive is from a free email service such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, or from a fake email address. We will only contact you using an official VFS Global email address
  • you are asked to disclose private or confidential information
  • you are asked to be interviewed over the phone or via an instant messenger
  • you are asked to pay fees or money as soon as possible
  • you are requested to complete fake recruitment documents, such as an application or employment visa forms (the VFS Global name and logo could be forged or fabricated and featured on the documentation without authority)

These actions are intended to defraud or obtain personal information from their victims.

What to do if you suspect you have been targeted

If you receive a request, either in writing or verbally, for an interview or a job offer that you believe could be fraudulent or suspicious, do not respond. You can also check the request with us by emailing

Victim of fraud

If you believe you are a victim of fraud you can report the incident to your local police office or email

VFS Global takes such matters seriously and reserves its right to contact law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute illegal or criminal activities.

Under no circumstances will VFS Global be liable or responsible for any loss, damages, expenses or inconvenience resulting from unauthorised activities.