In India

Public Holidays / Closures

The VFS Global UK Visa application centres will close for business during the following public holidays in 2018:

01 January Monday New Year’s Day X X X X
15 January Monday Pongal Privilege Holiday   X    
26 January Friday Republic Day X X X X
1 March Thursday Doljatra     X  
2 March Friday Holi X     X
30 March Friday Good Friday X X X X
2 April          Monday Easter Monday X X X X
25 May Friday Queen’s Birthday Privilege Holiday X   X
15 June Friday Idul Fitar X X   X
15 August Wednesday Independence Day X X X X
17 August Friday Parsi New Year   X
22 August Wednesday Id-Ud-Zoha X
2 August Friday Onam   X  
13 September Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi   X   X
2 October Tuesday Gandhi Jyanti X X  
18 October Thursday Ayudha Pooja X
18 October Thursday Durga Pooja Nabami   X  
19 October Friday Dussehra/Durga Puja – Vijay Dasami X   X
6 November Tuesday Kalipuja     X  
6 November Tuesday Diwali   X    
7 November Wednesday Diwali X   X
8 November Thursday Diwali Balipratipada ( Hindu New Year)       X
23 November Friday Guru Nanak’s Birthday X    
25 December Tuesday Christmas Day X X X X
26 December Wednesday Boxing Day X X X X