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Group Appointment Booking

Book a group appointment on a specified day, and save time and travel costs to the visa application centre

If you are travelling as a group, it can take time and repeated trips to the visa application centre before everyone has submitted all the required documentation.

It can be hard to keep track of who has already visited the centre, and who is still waiting.

A group appointment eases this process, allowing a group to apply for appointments together at the same visa application centre, on the same day.

It’s ideal for families, tour operators, work conferences, students and anyone travelling in a group.

The price informed is for processing groups of every 5 applicants.  If your group is larger than 10 applicants please contact us through email 

You can pay for this Service either online or at the visa center using credit or debit Visa or MasterCard. If you choose to pay online, you must bring the printed payment receipt to the center to obtain the service.

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