In Belize

On demand mobile visa

VFS Global operates Visa Application Centres (VACs) on behalf of the UK Government in the Americas region.

For those UK visa applicants based in Belize, you may elect contacting VFS for us to come to your location to collect your biometrics by purchasing the VFS On-Demand Mobile Visa Service (more details below) or you may select to apply at any UK VAC in the region. Please note the nearest UK visa application centre (VAC) from Belize located in Panama City, Panama. To start your visa application to enter the United Kingdom, please click here.

Please note:

  • UKVI Customers who travel from Belize and other Central American countries to Panama for their VAC appointment are eligible to have their passports returned to them for return travel to Belize following their appointment. Applicants availing of this service will need to send their passport to UKVI within 5 working days of their return with a return airway bill to prevent a delay in processing. This service is not available in Mexico.

This is not a passport passback service which is only available in Bogota and requires an additional payment.

Visa Application Centre Service Fee

Please note, in some VAC locations, including Panama City, a service fee of GBP 55.00 is required for attending the VAC and must be paid in advance. This service fee is in addition to the visa application fee, and paid on the Visa4UK or AccessUK websites at the time of paying your visa fee.

On-Demand Mobile Visa Service

Let the VFS Visa Application Centre come to you. Avoid the need of having to travel outside of Belize for your UK Visa Appointment. By purchasing the VFS On-Demand Mobile Visa Service, a team of trained staff will travel to you and process your application locally.

Services and Service Charge

Within Guatemala City Limits: Price for 1 to 5 applicants: GTQ 3,550.00 / USD 475.00
Outside of Guatemala City Limits: Price for 1 to 5 applicants: GTQ 6,000.00 / USD 809.00
Central America (outside of Guatemala): Price for 1 to 5 applicants: GTQ 11,220.00 / USD 1,500.00

How to apply for this service

  • Write to us at with your requirements. A dedicated ODMV staff will contact you to discuss your appointment, desired location, and service cost.
  • The applicant can request an appointment in the website to be able to do the payment. No matter what date you choose on the UKVI website, you can select any date, as long as you can select the date and print your visa application form; then we can give you an appointment by email. Please note that doing this process in the website you will not have any problem.
  • Make fee payment online via Debit or Credit Card 10 days in advance & secure your desired appointment. Shorter timelines for setting up your On-Demand mobile visa services can be provided upon consulting our availability.
  • Sent to VFS a copy of your payment receipt.  VFS will then send you an email confirming your On-Demand mobile visa service appointment date/time.
  • VFS staff will visit the location designated by you, this can be your home, office address and if desired this can also be at VFS location in Guatemala.

    Please note the below email is exclusively for arranging your date/time for your On-Demand Mobile Visa Services.  VFS is not authorized to provide applicants with visa information services, applicants may search for information by accessing website or contacting UKVI information centre which details can be found at .

Refund and cancellation 

Requests for refund or cancellation of this service will only be accepted where notice is received by us no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment time and such notice shall be provided to us by sending an email to and later completing the Refund Request Form (click here).The amount paid for this service, as well as the visa application fee, is not refundable if the visa application is refused. See VFS Global Refund and Cancellation policy for more information.

Overseas Territories / Commonwealth Applications

The UK visa application centres, managed by VFS Global and IOM, cannot accept applications for Overseas Territories or Commonwealth visas. To apply for this category of visa you will need to complete a visa application form online by visiting (select ‘other’) and then mail your completed application form, supporting documents, return airway bill and passport, directly to the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) office in Bogota, located at Cra 9 No. 76 - 49 piso 9, Bogota, Colombia.

Visa Enquiries

Please visit to confirm if you need a visa and to access links to further information on the UK visa process. If you have a general enquiry about UK Visas and Immigration's application process, our international enquiry centre can be contacted by phone, email or Web Chat at