In Sri Lanka

Visa Application Centre

You should normally apply at the VFS Global visa application centre in or closest to, the state in which you are documented as being resident. Please contact VFS Global if you have any doubts as to where to make your application.

Please note: For security reasons we cannot allow applicant's friends, relatives or other associates into the visa application centre. Applicants who have a disability or who are physically challenged are permitted to bring somebody to assist them.


No -75, Arnold Ratnayake Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Postal Code - 01000
Sri Lanka.

Visa Application Submission
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 14:30

Passport collection
Monday to Thursday 11:00 - 17:00
Friday 11:00 - 16:00


User Pay Visa Application Centre – MALE – Maldives.

Male (User Pay)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
1st Floor Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu,
Male', 20077, Maldives

User Pay Visa Application Submission

Submission Date: To be announced in due course


For more detail please see below.

  • What is a User Pay Visa Application Centre?

    A User Pay Visa Application Centre opens on a part time basis for less than three days a week for an additional service fee, you will be able to enroll your biometric information and submit your application in a more convenient location. VFS manages a user pay visa application Centre in Male – Maldives, for UK Visas & Immigration.

  • Do I have to apply in a user pay visa application Centre and pay the extra fee?

    No, you are free to travel to the nearest free to use visa application Centre.

  • How do I apply?

    Firstly, complete a UK visa application. All applications must be completed online on the following website AccessUK. The appropriate visa fee must also be paid online at the time of application.

    Kindly make sure to select your current location as Male when filling your application.

    Applicants who choose to submit their visa applications in Male are required to pay an additional fee of £170 , payable in local currency. This fee can only be paid through the online shopping cart by visiting here. please see our FAQ page for further information.

  • What will I need to do while I attend my appointment?

    When you attend for your appointment, you:

    • Should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment (if you are late you will need to reschedule your appointment).
    • Provide your biometric data.
    • Deposit your passport, application form and supporting documents in a drop box ready for collection by a courier.

    The application will then be sent to UK Visas and Immigration.

  • What supporting documentation do I require?

    The UK Visas & Immigration website,, will provide information on the requirements for entry to the UK.

  • What should I bring with me?

    When you attend your appointment, you should bring

    • Your appointment confirmation, visa fee receipt and User Pay service fee receipt
    • A valid passport or travel document (with at least 6 months validity remaining) with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides
    • 2 photocopies of the passport BIO page and 2 photocopies of the alterations page.
    • A printout of your online application form signed and dated.
    • If you are applying under the points-based system, a completed self-assessment form signed and dated.
    • Applicants are no longer required to provide passport size photos if biometrics are enrolled. In the event the applicant is exempted from biometrics a recent passport size photograph is required. UK visas and immigration’s photograph guidance
    • Any supporting documents relevant to your application. If the originals are not in English you must provide the original documents as well as a translation in English.
  • How will my passport be returned to me?

    Your passport and supporting documents provided will be couriered back to you once a decision has been made on your application by UK Visas & Immigration. You will be required to provide a complete address for a return courier delivery. The price for the courier return is included in the user pay visa application centre service fee.

  • What will happen if the user pay visa application centre is cancelled on the stipulated date?

    If VFS Global cancels your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, we will aim to give advance notice of one week and an alternative appointment will be offered. The next available appointment may be during the next scheduled user pay visa application centre service. If no alternative slot is available, VFS Global will provide a full refund. The notice period does not include public holidays and weekends.

    If the user pay visa application centre is cancelled through no fault of VFS Global or the applicant, VFS Global will aim to offer an alternative appointment during the next scheduled date. If the alternative appointment is unacceptable or you wish to apply for a refund, please follow the instructions outlined in the Refund policy.

  • How much does it cost to use to use the user pay visa application centre?

    The user pay visa application centre fee is £170.

  • What hours will the user pay visa application centre be open for?

    Wednesday 16 August 2017 from 0900hrs – 1730hrs

  • Who can attend the user pay visa application centre?

    Only an applicant with a confirmed appointment will be able to attend the user pay visa application centre.

  • What is the date of the next user pay visa application centre?

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    1st Floor Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu,
    Male', 20077, Maldives

    Wednesday 16 August 2017 from 0900hrs – 1730hrs

  • If I am applying in Male how do I pay my additional fee of GBP 170?

    Service currently unavailable
  • can’t book an appointment and I need to travel urgently?

    The temporary visa application centre will not have as many appointment slots as we usually offer. Since this is a convenient location, we are likely to receive more applications as a result. Applicants that have not been able to obtain an appointment should apply through VFS in Sri Lanka.

  • I am applying for a Tier 4 visa; can I apply at the user pay VAC?

    Yes we will accept Tier 4 applications. Applicants will not be interviewed at the visa application centre. Instead they may be interviewed over the phone.

  • How will I know that I need to attend an interview for T4?

    UKVI will call students who require an interview via the phone. T4 (student) applicants must provide a phone number that they can be contacted on.

  • Do I need to attend an interview for other visa categories?

    Some applicants on other routes may require an interview and will be contacted to arrange this. Where they are unable to make it they will need to cancel and reschedule the appointment.

  • Will visa decisions be made in the Maldives?

    No as before all visa decisions will be made in our hub in Chennai.

  • How can expedite my visa application or get an appointment quickly on compassionate grounds?

    Customers who need to travel urgently on compassionate grounds should speak to an advisor at our International Enquiry Service to discuss their case.

  • How can I know when this service will be next available?

    Customers should continue to check the Sri Lanka page and the VFS websites to keep up to date with information.

  • Are there any visa categories which the user pay temporary service can’t process?

     At the current time we will not be able to process priority visas.

  • I’ve no internet connection at present.  Is there any alternative to online application?

    No all visa applications must be made online. However an agent or family member would be able to apply on behalf of an individual.

  • It’s been difficult and expensive to use the VFS telephone enquiry numbers.   Will there be someone whom I can ask face-to-face or contact on a local telephone line, if I have questions?

    To check status or to get information on services customer can email or call the International Enquiry Service

  • How does a Maldivian National apply for a UK visa from Sri Lanka?

     A Maldivian National does not require a visit visa to enter the UK. For all other categories should you choose to apply from Sri Lanka, you will require a visa to enter and stay in Sri Lanka to process the UK visa application. The Maldivian HC provides temporary travel docs and a visa on arrival service. Refer to the how to apply for a UK visa at Sri Lanka question above.

    Passport Collection – Customers may use the service offered by the Maldivian High Commission that involves the Maldivian HC collecting the passport on behalf of the customer from Sri Lanka and then couriering it from within the Maldives. Details available at

    Please note that lodging a UK Visa application form has to be done in person, collection however can be via the Maldivian Embassy.

Please Note:

Applicants who do not present a valid booking confirmation and user pay visa application centre service payment receipt will not be permitted to enter the premises or make an application.

Customers with disabilities

All visa application centres have step-free access for wheelchairs. Applicants who have a disability or who have accessibility requirements are encouraged to bring someone to assist them. Lifts are also accessible for use where necessary. Please note that VFS Global staff will be available to assist any applicant with special needs.

Security information

Please note that access to the visa application centre is restricted to visa applicants only. The only exceptions to this policy are:

  • Children less than 18 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This cannot be a member of the visa application centre staff.
  • Elderly, medically infirm or disabled applicants who require assistance in order to submit their applications. Applicants who fall into these categories should advise the security staff on arrival at the VAC.

Mobile phones and Tablets are permitted in the visa application centre, but they must be switched to silent or vibrate mode. They should be switched on before entering the VAC. Devices that cannot be switched on cannot be taken into the visa application centre.

Under no circumstances is photography, filming or audio recording permitted.  Mobile phones have to be put away when you are dealing with our staff.

Only one airline cabin size bag  55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm  alternatively  21.5” x 13.5” x 8" per applicant is permitted in the VAC . Larger bags cannot be taken into the visa application centre and must be stored elsewhere.

For security reasons the following items will not be permitted inside the visa application centre.   

  • All battery operated or electronic items such cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, MP3s, floppies, laptops, or portable music players ,hard disk drive (HDDs), pen/thumb drives, spy devices, audio recorders, or other devices which can hinder the centre’s functioning
  • Sealed envelopes or packages.
  • Any inflammable item such as matchboxes/ lighters/ electric cigarettes /fuel.
  • Any sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail filers.
  • Weapons, weapon - like objects or explosive material of any kind.

Other items may be prohibited based on security staff discretion.

Please note: The visa application centre is unable to store prohibited items. Applicants should make other arrangements to store their belongings before they enter the visa application centre.

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act prevents the UK visas and immigration and VFS Global from providing information about an application to anybody other than the individual visa applicant or their authorised representative