In Malaysia


Who are we?

VFS Global is a commercial company, working in partnership with UK Visas and Immigration at the British Embassy in Philippines providing support services to people applying for a visa to enter the United Kingdom (UK).

To apply for a visa to enter the UK, please visit the UK government website for visas and immigration in Malaysia.

What does VFS Global do?

VFS Global manages visa application centres for the UK visas and immigration here in Malaysia, where you should submit your completed visa application form, supporting documents and biometric data. Please see the visa application centre and mobile visa application service page on this website for VFS visa application centre address and contact details.

Who decides if I will get a visa?

Your visa application will be processed and decided by UK visas and immigration staff. VFS Global staff does not, play any part in or influence the outcome of your visa application. If VFS Global staff claims to be able to influence your application, you should notify in writing the Head of Visa Services at the British Embassy in Philippines . You can find their address on the UK government website for visas and immigration in Malaysia.

User pay Services

The services mentioned here are optional. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the visa application fee.

More information about our user pay services is available on this site.