In Papua New Guinea

User Pay Services

We offer a number of optional premium and priority services. To use the following optional services you will need to pay a fee. This is in addition to the visa application fee. You should select, and pay the additional fee for these services, once you have completed the online visa application process and made your appointment to visit the visa application centre. To pay for services, please clickPayment Gateway

Priority visa service

You can use our priority service to have your visa application processed ahead of non-priority visa applications. In PNG we offer a 10 working day priority service for non-settlement applicants. While we aim to meet that processing time, we will not guarantee it. If you have opted for our settlement priority visa service, your application will be put at the front of the queue and the decision expedited.

Using the priority visa service does not imply or guarantee in any way that your visa application will be successful. All visa applicants must meet the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules. The amount paid for the priority service, as well as the visa application fee, is not refundable if the visa application is refused or, in exceptional cases, takes longer to process. Purchasing the Priority Visa Service will guarantee that your visa application is placed at the front of the processing queue. Under normal circumstances, Priority Visa Service applications will be processed within 10 working days for visit visas and will be put at the front of the queue and the decision expedited for settlement visa applications.

The processing of your priority visa may take longer if you have:

  • previously been refused a visa for the UK, and/or;
  • previously been refused leave to enter the UK, and/or;
  • previously been deported, removed, or otherwise required to leave the UK, and/or;
  • overstayed a period of leave in the UK, and/or;
  • been refused leave to remain in the UK by the Home Office, and/or;
  • been refused a visa for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America or the Schengen countries, and/or;
  • been convicted of a criminal offence in any country.
  • are applying for a visa for the Channel Islands. These applications may take longer than the standard processing times as they may need to be referred.

If you wish to use the priority service, you must include a copy of the ID page of your passport and copies of all the documents you are submitting with your application. Failure to do so may result in additional costs or delays. The onus is on you, the applicant, to provide all relevant documentation when making an application.

PRIORITY VISA SERVICE – SETTLEMENT Priority Service to Settlement Visa Applications *  756 USD To be paid online
PRIORITY VISA SERVICE – NON SETTLEMENT Priority Service to Non Settlement Visa Applications *  253 USD To be paid online

Please note: Although we make every effort to ensure that visa application service take place as advertised, incidents beyond our control (such as natural disasters, security issues, etc.) may cause disruption and impact our ability to run the visa application service. In the unlikely event that we are unable to collect your biometrics on your date of appointment, we will either offer you an appointment at the next scheduled clinic or, if you prefer, provide you with a full refund.